Why do you need video?

If a photo is 1000 words, how many words does a video represent? You need video to carry your content to the next level. Video is created and consumed at an extremely high rate today and research says that video content will dominate the total internet space by roughly 90% by 2025. Every minute of every day more than 10 million videos are watched, so having a piece of this pie is essential for your business to grow.


Data on the internet and the cloud will be replaced by the amount of data currently on the net by video content and data produced in the next 2 years. Video marketing if done correctly and optimally will be able to increase your chances of being on the front page of Google by 53x. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, so appearing on the front page using a video is golden.


So what is a video worth? Research has found that video that lasts 1 minute is worth roughly 1.8 million words if the message is communicated well. Information is being consumed more rapidly as the internet and technologies advance to share more efficient forms of data, video is the quickest and fastest way for a viewer to obtain this information.

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